Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where I'm From

This is a poem I had to write for my assignment, decided to share with you guys. Hope ya'll like it. :)

Asfa Mohiuddin
I am from clocks,
from the ticking hands and passing-away seconds.
I am from the creaking sounds from the doors,
aged, noisy,
it smelled like spray paint.
I am from the hyacinth flower,
the cactus plant
the long stretch of the horizon
who knows how far it goes.

I am from henna and sheer korma.
I am from the smart-alecks
And the close family bonds,
from ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘do more & talk less.’
I am from there is hope till the end
life is too short to hate
and include positives and exclude negatives.

I am from Mohiuddin branch,
curry and kabob.
From the proposal design of the tomb of Jinnah
that my grandfather presented,
the antics my cousin used to do as a toddler.

Cameras, shoe boxes,
wallets and computer files,
loaded with priceless memories
The years- a flashback,
retrieving the golden moments
and thanking God for who I am.

Asfa Mohiuddin


Because I'm Awesome and you too know it :D
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