Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ten Shades Of Chaeds In Your Brain

I've got one month before it starts. The pressure is getting to me.
I finally finished the tenth season of Friends.
I really need to work on my concentration skills. Also, I have to finish reading My Sister's Keeper and finish my Goodreads Challenge for the year.
Who invented organic chemistry? Why am I supposed to know if you have a chiral centre or not?
I've been trying to find my share of happiness in the ice cream box for two weeks now and I'm proud to say, ice creams don't disappoint you. That and handsome Shahrukh flaunting his beauty on your phone's home screen.

Also mosquitoes need to realize that CIEs are draining my blood enough and my system can't handle them feasting on top of that. How am I going to study four subjects in 17 days and ace them? I just feel so hysterical right now, I'm trying to tone it down with eating all the chocolate I could get my hands on at this hour. It works too, well sometimes. A person told me A-levels would be a piece of chocolate cake for me. Why didn't he tell me that the cake was burnt and there was no sugar in it and it tasted like a mugful of revolting cocoa powder? I need to get something new to think about.

I finished reading 'The Diary Of A Social Butterfly' and I tau was very imparessed with Lahori culture and the good nature of the protagonist. She tau was naice and you know belonged to khata-peeta khandan. It was nice before it got repetitive and irritating. I've to get my hands on Dozakhnama now. Also I need to start reading e-books, otherwise  I'm just going to stay here longing for books I can't get my hands on.

I don't think I can muster enough energy to repeat any of my subject's papers the next year with so much happening.
The British Consul has made the worst date sheet in the entire history of worse date sheets.
I need to stop whining.
There was one subject I actually liked studying i.e, Biology but it's just so long and drag and
How come people have a score of 20000 on their Snapchat accounts? I can't get past 1200 for the last five months.
My relatives have zero chill. First they send me requests on Facebook and being too gracious, I obviously accept them. Then they ask me that why do I have to post such cute and happy pictures of me eating a lollipop. What is even wrong with that? They just simply can't handle it, and have ended up in the restricted section. Do not question the purpose of my posts on social media!

Can your brain get fried up a little due to the stress or acts like a perforated bowl which retains nothing?
I miss coffee and I don't even like coffee.
P.S. Yes the title doesn't have much to do with it but nothing does
P.P.S. I love postscripts. Like when you're finally shaking your head and sighing with relief because the post is finished, I jump in there to irritate you. It's a nice feeling, like when you hold a cup of warm tea in cold and warmth seeps in your veins.
P.P.P.S. Do you like tea? I like french fries. And Top Pops.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Such A Happy 'New Year' Post.

I have literally no idea as to what the heck I'm doing here at 3 in the morning.
My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is full of new year posts and I want to smack all those people who keep reminding poor souls like me that 2015 has ended and the vacations are going to end soon. Having absolutely no place to turn to I opened the ultimate savior to search for some happy little quotes or cute GIFs only to be greeted by this sight:

Okay. We're all doomed.

Guess I did found a cute GIF to cheer me up
There are dozen mosquitoes swarming over my forehead trying to suck up all the blood I have and I have this urge to scream at them. "What did I do to you except maybe kill some of your siblings to get this treatment?"

Maybe they heard me singing this and got literal

That's a lot of GIFs and too less sentences but hey, sentences don't cheer you up, GIFs do. And so does Adam Sandler which might explain my crush on him. Well he still has to compete with Jim Carrey. Have you ever noticed how adorable and cute Jim is?

Such a cutie pie.
I've been having a really adventurous winter break this year because I realized that this probably is the last winter break I'm going to have for pure enjoyment purposes. So everyday for the past ten days, I sleep till almost one in the afternoon and then tremendously enjoy the excessive use of social media during the whole day. Then I head upstairs with the supply of all the junk food I can get my hands on which includes a stolen chocolate from my younger brother on lucky days and stay up till four in the morning talking to old ladies that I've befriended. Although it was quite an excitement filled routine, I thought of doing something extra courageous and yesterday night decided to cook something all by myself for the very first time. Armed with the best mug cake recipe, I entered the kitchen and hunted the ingredients for fifteen minutes and still couldn't find the baking powder even though I tasted, smelled and touched all the different white powders. After I baked it in the microwave I did realize it was not baking powder. It tasted all rubbery.

Just realized that there are less than four days of my vacations left and it makes me all weepy. I am not ready to go to school. Time for me to search another cute picture that would cheer us all up.

 Like honestly I have so much to deal with for e.g, figuring out what movie to watch next, how to find something good to eat in the kitchen or how to manage shaking off the mosquitoes without taking my hands out of the warm blanket. How can you expect me to deal with the end of winter break on top of that?

This post might say otherwise but I am not one spoiled brat, it is just the hopeful happy New Year feels that has got me in a state like this.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On The Brink Of Something New

One can change in so many ways. Where originally there was heaps of stored energy and an impulse to rush things and a desire for never ending action; now there is stillness. I can sit idle for hours looking out the window, swinging my feet. I can gaze at the single eagle that soars in the sky after rain. And there are times when all I want is solitude, coffee and cool breeze playing with my hair at the end of the day.
I feel irritated when someone disturbs or creates a ripple in my peaceful world with it's silent storms that only I can hear. I feel resentful when I'm made to talk or forced to sit with the multitude of people. Annoyed when I'm forced to close the book I'm absorbed in and reminded to do all the chores. Either I've become too lazy or addicted to solitude. 

I've lost the stamina to write more than three paragraphs.
Oh well. 
Winter is coming. It's a matter of week before my favorite time of the year starts. And then it would be a matter of a month when it would be too cool and I'd pray again for summers to come unable to bear with the cold. After the summers arrive with it's full bang; I start waiting for the winter. It's quite exhausting to spend the whole year in this manner save for two months of October and March. 

Finally done with reading of The Forty Rules Of Love with my heart stuck to;

If you have roots nowhere, you can go anywhere.

It was a good book and I really suck at writing book reviews and Goodreads was made for a reason. 

I've been pining to go on a road trip and whenever I bring this up, my father reminds it was me who wanted to come back while we were in Kaghan this summer. But.... but....things change and people change and maybe I'm a changed person from what I was back in summers. He needs to understand this logic.
P.S. I've missed this place
P.P.S Not really; just said that to make my sad little blog feel happy about itself. (Yeah, I'm a good person).

Till next time.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Faqt Aik Ghari.

What is my life's purpose?
That is the biggest dilemma that I'm facing.
Why don't you discuss with me?
Because I want to be independent emotionally; so that when the time comes I'll be capable of making the right decision without the less-reasonable factors influencing it. Also because your advice doesn't hold that much significance nor relevance. For you utter not, but hollow meaningless words.
Oh I know it's easier said than done; but one can try to be more prepared.

Is waqt tou yun lagta hai
Ab kuch bhi nahi hai
Mehtab na sooraj
Na Andhera na sawera

Ankhon ke dareechon pe
Kisi husan ke chalman
Aur dil ki panahon mein
Kisi dard ka daira

Mumkin hai koi veham tha
Mumkin hai suna ho
Galiyon mein kisi chaap ka
Ik aakhri phaira

Shaakon mein khyalon ke
Ghanay pair ki shayed
Ab akay karay ga
Na koi khwab basera

Ik bair, na ik mehar
Na ik rabt na rishta
Tera koi apna
Na paraya, koi mera

Maana ke ye sansaan ghari
Sakht kari hai
Lekin meray dil
Ye tou faqt aik hi ghari hai
Himmat karo jeenay ki tou
Ik umar pari hai

The above mentioned dilemma is a usual for me in summer vacations where I wake up at around one in the afternoon an keep mooching around and when my mother asks me to stop using my phone, I ask her for 'interesting' alternatives. After a week or two I'm sick with Facebook and Twitter where nothing new is happening.
Before you get sick of reading this post, I would like to say..............

Well I don't know; maybe you're welcome to get sick and puke and shake your head in disapproval.

In other news my grandmother got lost at Faisal Mosque when we visited it to offer Friday prayers while we were staying at Islamabad. We found her after going up and down the long flight of stairs thrice.

On a more serious note; my mother is going to wake up soon for sehri; well it might be another half an hour before she does that but I don't have a better excuse as to why I am ending this post, largely because I can't think of anything to write about; not even TCF internship nor about the much needed vacation.
^That has to be the longest sentence I wrote.

Faiz is amazing though.