Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Home

Blabbed by Aqsa Faisal

An answer to the Come Back To The City. Wrote this back in December when I had to write an essay for Areeba about the place you can be content and happy. What I found amusing was that two other school mates too wrote this. One wrote about library and the other about any place with family. Imagination knows no bounds. 

Everyone has his own version of 'neverland', a place where they find inner peace, contentment and happiness. However surprising it may seem, my 'neverland' is a city by the sea. Ironically, I discovered my fondness for that place when we moved away.
Karachi is crazily loud and lively. You witness traffic even at two in the morning. It exudes the essence of youth, passion, patriotism, love. It is everything one can ask for and more. In winters, the golden rays weave into the green grass and warms everyone. The summers offer a zephyr of cool sea breezes and delicious yellow mangoes. The sea is wild and mysterious; a layer of flat and clear silver melting underneath a hazy blue sky.
The metropolis has the most benevolent and generous soul, it embraces everyone with open arms and offers shelter to everybody. This illustration of acceptance can be found in it's citizens too, all different ethnic groups are tightly woven into a fabric displaying rich array of bright colours and diversity. The people have within them; lions' hearts. Everyone from a seventy five year old woman to a five year old kid is a warrior, battling the odds in the eternal hope of things working out. Everyday I would go to school and observe mere teenagers struggling with fate which gave me a new kind of energy and strength.
The people's destinies are written with a sharp pen on a blood stained parchment. Despite knowing this they laugh, joke and add humour to the situation. Despite the hardships people are still beaming with joy. Life is not a bed of roses there, but the Karachiiites cherish each and every moment. The morning sun illuminates their dark world and the evening breeze can make their hearts soar. They don't need to wear Khaadi or Gucci to look beautiful. They don't require Mercedes to go out with friends, a jittery ride on rickshaw would do.
Everyone is his own hero. A place where millionaires become nobody and nobody becomes somebody. You can start a conversation with any person and draw inspiration from it, irrespective of their socioeconomic status.
It is a place where the buzzing of generators is hushed with the cheering of boys playing cricket on streets, where the aroma of barbecued kabobs wafter in the markets and the gentle wind carried the sweet smell of motia. The tranquil sky is adorned with soaring eagles, thin wispy clouds and dreams. The city's every corner teems with life.
I want a place which is home. Amidst the frenzy and chaos and noise there is the calming blue of the sea and that's where my heart resides and will continue to do so until my final breath.

Simply: I miss Karachi