Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where I'm From

This is a poem I had to write for my assignment, decided to share with you guys. Hope ya'll like it. :)

Asfa Mohiuddin
I am from clocks,
from the ticking hands and passing-away seconds.
I am from the creaking sounds from the doors,
aged, noisy,
it smelled like spray paint.
I am from the hyacinth flower,
the cactus plant
the long stretch of the horizon
who knows how far it goes.

I am from henna and sheer korma.
I am from the smart-alecks
And the close family bonds,
from ‘believe in yourself’ and ‘do more & talk less.’
I am from there is hope till the end
life is too short to hate
and include positives and exclude negatives.

I am from Mohiuddin branch,
curry and kabob.
From the proposal design of the tomb of Jinnah
that my grandfather presented,
the antics my cousin used to do as a toddler.

Cameras, shoe boxes,
wallets and computer files,
loaded with priceless memories
The years- a flashback,
retrieving the golden moments
and thanking God for who I am.

Asfa Mohiuddin

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Peace And Love

Peace And Love
So Yes, this the first time I'll ever be updating the blog, and it's going to be about the most popular gossip in town: Cricket!
Yes. We lost. But so what? At least we struggled till the semis. It was totally worth it. Not to forget, it's ALWAYS the Pakistani team reaching into the T20 semi finals! We people never are happy with what we have, nonetheless, wishing k "kaash ye bhi hota.." Guys, we seriously need to thank Allah for reaching till the semis. Atleast India got kicked out of tournament hum se pehle.
Our team requires only our support and prayers.
And I'm seriously effed up by this: Afridi agar acha khele tou boom boom chah gaya, agar bura khele tou mitti ka tail daal kar aag laga le. Discriminations and nothing else. Come on people, I mean he was a sterling star of the show once. Respect. And that k pehle jitni burai karni hai karlo, us k baad cover karne k liye ek line hai na: tum jeeto ya haaro suno, humain tumse pyaar hai. Agar itna hi pyaar hai tou phir show the real love!
Khair, celebrations, party and fireworks with josh. Pakistan Zindabad! :D
And for those of you jo abhi tak sog mana rahe hain, liven up! look on the brighter side of life, spread peace and love, stay positive, no place for hate. ;)
Okay, enough said. :P so once again, JIYEE PAKISTAAANII! <3 Takecare yall, loove. Asfa. ;)