Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ten Shades Of Chaeds In Your Brain

I've got one month before it starts. The pressure is getting to me.
I finally finished the tenth season of Friends.
I really need to work on my concentration skills. Also, I have to finish reading My Sister's Keeper and finish my Goodreads Challenge for the year.
Who invented organic chemistry? Why am I supposed to know if you have a chiral centre or not?
I've been trying to find my share of happiness in the ice cream box for two weeks now and I'm proud to say, ice creams don't disappoint you. That and handsome Shahrukh flaunting his beauty on your phone's home screen.

Also mosquitoes need to realize that CIEs are draining my blood enough and my system can't handle them feasting on top of that. How am I going to study four subjects in 17 days and ace them? I just feel so hysterical right now, I'm trying to tone it down with eating all the chocolate I could get my hands on at this hour. It works too, well sometimes. A person told me A-levels would be a piece of chocolate cake for me. Why didn't he tell me that the cake was burnt and there was no sugar in it and it tasted like a mugful of revolting cocoa powder? I need to get something new to think about.

I finished reading 'The Diary Of A Social Butterfly' and I tau was very imparessed with Lahori culture and the good nature of the protagonist. She tau was naice and you know belonged to khata-peeta khandan. It was nice before it got repetitive and irritating. I've to get my hands on Dozakhnama now. Also I need to start reading e-books, otherwise  I'm just going to stay here longing for books I can't get my hands on.

I don't think I can muster enough energy to repeat any of my subject's papers the next year with so much happening.
The British Consul has made the worst date sheet in the entire history of worse date sheets.
I need to stop whining.
There was one subject I actually liked studying i.e, Biology but it's just so long and drag and
How come people have a score of 20000 on their Snapchat accounts? I can't get past 1200 for the last five months.
My relatives have zero chill. First they send me requests on Facebook and being too gracious, I obviously accept them. Then they ask me that why do I have to post such cute and happy pictures of me eating a lollipop. What is even wrong with that? They just simply can't handle it, and have ended up in the restricted section. Do not question the purpose of my posts on social media!

Can your brain get fried up a little due to the stress or acts like a perforated bowl which retains nothing?
I miss coffee and I don't even like coffee.
P.S. Yes the title doesn't have much to do with it but nothing does
P.P.S. I love postscripts. Like when you're finally shaking your head and sighing with relief because the post is finished, I jump in there to irritate you. It's a nice feeling, like when you hold a cup of warm tea in cold and warmth seeps in your veins.
P.P.P.S. Do you like tea? I like french fries. And Top Pops.