Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Nine Reasons I Hate People

Blabbed by Aqsa Faisal

 (i) I'm sick of people judging me,  classifying me into one cliche group or another. I'm sick of their lame jokes where they express their mock disbelief or shock at seeing me pull off a domestic chore successfully. I mean it's true I'm Ms. Klutz in kitchen and there have been times I've burnt things or cut my fingers, it doesn't mean I can fry some stupid potatoes. 

(ii) They ask questions, and are not interested enough to actually hear it's answer,  just for the sake  of idle conversation about nothing.  
I get tempted to answer with, "What do you want to hear?" when they ask me some stupid or cliche question. 

(iii) I have to get dressed for them and put up my civilized self and smile at them till my cheeks hurt. 
No nazar on my natural beauty! Okay? Okay

(iv) I have to sit with them for hours,  wishing to be some place else while my soul and spirit slowly withers due to infinite boredom. 

(v) They expect me to cuddle their babies and make creepy noises while I go on saying, how cute those monsters are. 

(vi) They'd rather talk about Zainab Chottani than books and their political interest is limited to Qaim Ali Shah's fall,  saved by the businessmen. 
Meri Sana Safinaz Ki Chaddi!

(vii) They'll go on and on about their married life and how their kids won't let them a single moment of peace and all I can do is nod wisely with my facial expressions depicting my comprehension of their pain or joy ( I'm still not sure which one it is). 

(viii) They complain to my nani about how unsocial I am and wouldn't say 'Salaam' to them or wouldn't visit them and bless them with my presence on their special occasions. 

(ix) They keep exclaiming how they remember me as a six year old kid or something and how much I've grown in such a short time.