Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On The Brink Of Something New

One can change in so many ways. Where originally there was heaps of stored energy and an impulse to rush things and a desire for never ending action; now there is stillness. I can sit idle for hours looking out the window, swinging my feet. I can gaze at the single eagle that soars in the sky after rain. And there are times when all I want is solitude, coffee and cool breeze playing with my hair at the end of the day.
I feel irritated when someone disturbs or creates a ripple in my peaceful world with it's silent storms that only I can hear. I feel resentful when I'm made to talk or forced to sit with the multitude of people. Annoyed when I'm forced to close the book I'm absorbed in and reminded to do all the chores. Either I've become too lazy or addicted to solitude. 

I've lost the stamina to write more than three paragraphs.
Oh well. 
Winter is coming. It's a matter of week before my favorite time of the year starts. And then it would be a matter of a month when it would be too cool and I'd pray again for summers to come unable to bear with the cold. After the summers arrive with it's full bang; I start waiting for the winter. It's quite exhausting to spend the whole year in this manner save for two months of October and March. 

Finally done with reading of The Forty Rules Of Love with my heart stuck to;

If you have roots nowhere, you can go anywhere.

It was a good book and I really suck at writing book reviews and Goodreads was made for a reason. 

I've been pining to go on a road trip and whenever I bring this up, my father reminds it was me who wanted to come back while we were in Kaghan this summer. But.... but....things change and people change and maybe I'm a changed person from what I was back in summers. He needs to understand this logic.
P.S. I've missed this place
P.P.S Not really; just said that to make my sad little blog feel happy about itself. (Yeah, I'm a good person).

Till next time.