Monday, June 29, 2015

Faqt Aik Ghari.

What is my life's purpose?
That is the biggest dilemma that I'm facing.
Why don't you discuss with me?
Because I want to be independent emotionally; so that when the time comes I'll be capable of making the right decision without the less-reasonable factors influencing it. Also because your advice doesn't hold that much significance nor relevance. For you utter not, but hollow meaningless words.
Oh I know it's easier said than done; but one can try to be more prepared.

Is waqt tou yun lagta hai
Ab kuch bhi nahi hai
Mehtab na sooraj
Na Andhera na sawera

Ankhon ke dareechon pe
Kisi husan ke chalman
Aur dil ki panahon mein
Kisi dard ka daira

Mumkin hai koi veham tha
Mumkin hai suna ho
Galiyon mein kisi chaap ka
Ik aakhri phaira

Shaakon mein khyalon ke
Ghanay pair ki shayed
Ab akay karay ga
Na koi khwab basera

Ik bair, na ik mehar
Na ik rabt na rishta
Tera koi apna
Na paraya, koi mera

Maana ke ye sansaan ghari
Sakht kari hai
Lekin meray dil
Ye tou faqt aik hi ghari hai
Himmat karo jeenay ki tou
Ik umar pari hai

The above mentioned dilemma is a usual for me in summer vacations where I wake up at around one in the afternoon an keep mooching around and when my mother asks me to stop using my phone, I ask her for 'interesting' alternatives. After a week or two I'm sick with Facebook and Twitter where nothing new is happening.
Before you get sick of reading this post, I would like to say..............

Well I don't know; maybe you're welcome to get sick and puke and shake your head in disapproval.

In other news my grandmother got lost at Faisal Mosque when we visited it to offer Friday prayers while we were staying at Islamabad. We found her after going up and down the long flight of stairs thrice.

On a more serious note; my mother is going to wake up soon for sehri; well it might be another half an hour before she does that but I don't have a better excuse as to why I am ending this post, largely because I can't think of anything to write about; not even TCF internship nor about the much needed vacation.
^That has to be the longest sentence I wrote.

Faiz is amazing though.


Because I'm Awesome and you too know it :D
Learn to praise and dare to criticize